Don’t miss the Kids Hip Hop Classes by Distinct Creative Arts!

Our family bonds through activities and dancing is one of our favorite. Summer and Ocean love dancing since 3.5 years old . They definitely got their “Dancing Virus” from Daddy Nick.

Few months back, Ocean was spotted in a solo talent competition “SAFRA Lil Stars”. He then joined Urban Terrain Groovers (UTG) which is a dance group from Distinct Creative Arts (DCA).  He is now training with the UTG Boys every week. Ocean had already gone to 2 performances with his group. One of them was a charity performance which was definitely a good exposure for good cause!

Poey_S2A4431UTG Boys at “PURPOSE”, a Charity dance concert.  [Photo by Poey YT]

Dance Performance by UTG Youths & Boys
[Video by Robert Ekputra]

Summer joined in the UTG Girls which started 2 weeks ago.  And she is already loving it.

IMG-20180116-WA0006 (2)

Our kids enjoy their dance training and look forward to the training every weekend. They got to know friends with the same interest. They can move and groove with the music and pick up new dance steps during the 1.5 hours session. It is surely a good form of exercise for growing kids!

Summer is Primary 6 this year and will be stressing over her PSLE.  It is especially important for her to distress through healthy activities.

The instructors are very devoted and full of passion for dance. They are patient and strict at the same time. Summer and Ocean learned some new dance skills, plus the right values through dance lessons. At UTG, every kid plays a part. Through these dance classes, the kids learn to cooperate and dance together as a group. We are happy that our kids have found an awesome dance school.


I had friends who asked me before about hip hop dance lessons for kids. And we were delighted to hear from the instructors that Distinct Creative Arts is starting new courses soon!  I want to share this with all mummies and daddies who wanted their kids to be expose to performing arts. Kids with no dance background are welcome too!

Call them now as their free trial lesson will be starting soon.

Contact Number: +65 91110474


Learn more about Distinct Creative Arts

IMG-20171127-WA0024 (2)
IMG-20171127-WA0001 (2)

20180125_162830 (2)

A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perek Adventure Trip – Part 3

This Perak trip was full of little surprises.  I thought we were going to have lunch at a nearby local food stall but our lunch was waiting for us under the trees right beside the river. How cool was that! It was like having a picnic along the river. We took our food and sat on the rocks by the river. It was dining with a view at the most economical price! LOL. Delicious meal, beautiful scenery and a memorable dining experience.


 Teacher X and Tze Kiat were helping out at the buffet table.



What a cool place to have lunch!


Trying to balance our plates while eating LOL


  Beware of leeches! A leech had Jordan for lunch!


 You Yun and Teacher X showing off their delicious food.

Alright! It was time to apply sunblock and to get ready for some splashing good time under the sun! The guides gave us a detailed briefing about safety and important things to note during the rafting session.


Courtney split us into 3 different rafts and we were all set to go.

This was my 2nd time doing white water rafting and it was definitely better than the one which I had in Bali few years ago. Summer and Ocean were all excited for this thrilling ride down the river.

Let’s go with the flow! The river water was gushing fast and there were many countless rapids along the way. It was really crazy when our raft rushed down the big rapids. The adrenaline that was going through us was beyond words!


Ocean need not do any work. He just sit and enjoy the ride!


DSC00103 (3)

Playing with water down the river was pure fun as the 3 rafts started splashing water at each other with the oars whenever our rafts met.

The guides intentionally attempted to capsize all the rafts when we reached the “safer” parts of the river. Those in the other 2 rafts fell into the river except ours. Luckily, our raft did not capsize. Instead, our guide fell into the river while trying to do so! LOL!


Flow away……


Half way down the river, our raft did have a “real” capsize at a rapid! Everyone in the raft fell into the river and my back hit against the rock! The very next moment, I realized that both my Summer and Ocean had drifted away from the raft after the capsize!  I managed to grab the rope from the guide who successfully pulled me back to the raft. Nick hurriedly swam towards the kids and got them back on board. It was unexpected and we were a little shocked but everyone was fine in the end. Thereafter, we rafted all the way back to the camp!





Rafting wasn’t as easy as it had looked but it was an incredibly cool activity which was suitable for all ages! It was definitely an exciting and unforgettable experience for my 7 year old boy.  White water rafting was all about team work and definitely a very good arms exercise.



We continued to enjoy some simple games in the river – throwing pebbles and rocks, swimming and lazing in the river etc. The place was full of joy and laughter. This was the kind of simple happiness which we could hardly find in our city life.


Ocean and Isaac throwing pebbles.





 See the happiness in Summer’s smile!


Ladies of UTG! 
(Fom the left:  Amy, Courtney, Sherilynn, Amelia and Emily )



Enjoying himself  in the chilly water!


I simply love the scenery here!

Our tea break was calling out for us! Summer and I were the first two to get back on land! We helped ourselves to a cup of hot milo and chocolate donuts. After that, we headed to the showers before the rest came back for tea break and soccer game!


Everyone went to wash up except this pair. They could not leave the soccer ball alone…LOL

This time, the two of us went to the common toilet for our shower. It was a very basic toilet with open showers. No worries ladies, the place was very clean!

We rested a bit and then joined back the rest of the group for games & dinner!





Since it was the last night here, everyone stayed up until really late. Summer, Ocean, Nick and I were the earliest to be back in the dorm. We packed our bags and turned in at about 12.30am. Sweet Dreams!


Day 3 (29 Dec 17)

Alright, That’s all, folks!


Our dormitories are in the orange buillding right behind us! 

We hadn’t had enough fun yet but sadly, we had to depart for Singapore.  We gathered for breakfast and took a few group photos before we were ferried to the small bus terminal where we waited for our coach back to Singapore!

It was a short, but yet an excellent bonding trip for our family and also for the UTG group. Full of fun and laughter.  Once again, thank you to our young organisers, Courtney, Emily and RJ for the effort in organising such a wonderful trip. We totally enjoyed ourselves!

Thanks to our friendly host of Murni Camp, Mr Izni and his son whom made sure that our stay was a bliss.

If you are interested to go on an adventure trip in the upcoming holiday with your family and friends, here’s Mr Izni’s contact detail. I am sure you will have an awesome time just like us!


Contact number: +60 19 384 9691

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A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perak Adventure Trip! – Part 2

Day 2 (28 Dec 17) – We are Cave Men!

Rise and shine at 630 am! I was always the first to wake up so that I could take my time to wash up, put on a little make-up to look fresh and get ready for the day!


We started with some simple games and then, got together for breakfast at our usual makan place! We had good breakfast and hot drinks to warm our tummies and brighten up our day!

Day 2 was our Wild & Wet day!


The caving guides arrived on time! This time, we had a big lorry to ferry us to the Cave! Everyone could get on the back of the lorry and enjoy the adventure ride together. It was like playing games behind the lorry as we had to dodge branches and leaves while holding on to the lorry. It was simple entertainment but great fun for everybody as we joked and laughed along the way!


 Hold on tight!

We arrived at Gua Tempurung early and the Cave was still closed. The group started to play games to keep themselves entertained while Nick went to the small shops to do his favourite past time – Shopping. He found a “treasure” for Summer – the local’s Aqua Shoes.  As Summer did not bring along covered shoes for Caving, this treasure saved her only pair Nike sneakers from “destruction”.

Some members of the group who were ready to “sacrifice” their Adidas and Nike shoes for the Caving, decided to buy a pair too!




Alright Gua Tempurung! Here we come!

The Cave opened at 9.15 am and we were among the first to enter. Wow! The Cave was Majestic! We had to climb up and down the steep stairs at the start of the trail. There were dim lights along the way but they were definitely not bright enough to capture photos of the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites structures. Some of these structures were just so huge! I am a Geography lover and will always be super-delighted to see such beautiful creations from mother nature! Some even had crystals on them. You have to come and see for yourself!



Check out the videos to see the interior of the cave. Not very clear due to the dim lighting.

After we reached the top of the Cave, we had to walk all the way down to the bottom of the Cave for the real caving experience!


  It was Sherilynn’s turn to slide down.

The first thing which we had to do at this nature’s playground, was to take a steep slide down the rocks! From here on, there were no more lights. All we had were the head lamps on our forehead or the torch lights on our hands.

At this point, I felt like we were all sucked into the Lara Croft game! It was just like what happened in the new movie “Jumanji”! We had to walk in the cold chilling water for the rest of the journey. We even had to leopard crawl in the refreshing cold water to get through the extremely low ceiling. All of a sudden, my hubby felt something cracked! Oh no! Our camera lens had cracked when it was squashed against a big rock under the water. Luckily, we had many members in the group with their hand phone cameras and they managed to capture some nice photos. The adventure continued despite the “damage”.

At times, we had to walk through water which was as deep as our waist level and we had no ideas what could be in there….This was indeed a very new and memorable experience for many of us in the group!

We bashed through the icy water, slippery pebbles and irritating sand until we came to a marble-smooth river bed. All of us sat down in the cooling water to enjoy the melody of the flowing water. Summer, Ocean and Issac were happily playing in the water.


Wow Ka Lok, you are so bright!


After a long and enjoyable “crawl”, we finally made it out of the cave, all soaked!

We went back up the lorry and headed to the next destination and the highlight of the trip – white water rafting!

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A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perak Adventure Trip! – Part 1

Happy 2018! I hope everyone had managed to have a short getaway with your loved ones during the year-end holidays!

We definitely had ours! But this time, we had no hotel, no air-con, no shopping, no food fest, and not even wifi! We had gone on an adventure trip with a youthful and crazy bunch from the Urban Terrain Groovers (UTG) to Murni Camp which is located in Gopeng, Perak (Malaysia). By the way, UTG is my kids’ dance troupe.

Initially, Summer and I were very reluctant to join the trip when we heard that participants have to stay in tents with no shower and toilet facilities for a night!! Well, in the end, my eloquent hubby was able to “convince” us to participate in this escapade. Fortunately, just before the trip, our young organiser from UTG informed us that the “Stay in Tent” program was cancelled due to the heavy rain in monsoon season. Heng ah!!

Alright! Let’s begin our adventure!


Waiting for the coach at Golden Mile Tower.

We tried to pack light but our bags still ended up huge! We brought lots of extra things since it’s a family adventure trip with kids.

We started our journey with an overnight bus ride to Perak. The bus arrived around at around 12.40am and we reached the customs with no traffic jam nor human jam. Perfect timing to start our adventure to the North!

As our activities would start immediately upon our arrival at Murni Camp, everyone tried our best to catch some sleep during the 8 hours bus journey. As we only brought along thin wind breakers from Uniqlo, we suffered from the freezing air-con throughout the night drive up the North-South Highway. As you can guess, we definitely couldn’t sleep well! Nick was quick to open his umbrella to block off the blasting wind from the closed air-con vent.


Looks funny but it works!

Day 1 (27 Dec 17)

20171227_092051 (2)

At about 9 am, after the long and arduous bus ride, we finally made it and arrived in Perak safely!! Everyone was eager to check out our home for the next 3 days – the Murni Camp @Gopeng.


Leonard and Jordan were exploring their new playground!

20171227_093417 - Copy

Wefie Time! Summer and Daddy Nick (Our family’s official “Camel”, Hahaha)

20171227_093427 - Copy

Daddy and Summer checking out the surrounding.

As I was too eager to take a peep at our dormitory, I ran upstairs and took a photo of the surrounding! The sheltered place with yellow chairs (on the left) was our dining hall and would be our main gathering place for the next 3 days too!

After we checked in to the dormitory, we chose our bed and did a quick wash-up to freshen ourselves up. Thereafter, we gathered downstairs to play some interesting Ice-breaker games, planned by our trip organisers, Courtney, Emily and RJ from UTG.

 I called this game – “The Chicken Game” coz we had to make all sorts of chicken sounds. LOL!

  My hubby and I did not manage to take photos of all the games as we were playing and enjoying ourselves too!

Lunch was simple but tasty! Everyone got to learn not to be picky! LOL or else they will end up like Summer and Ocean whom only had white rice and fruits for their meal. It is definitely a good training for them.

20171227_121726 - Copy
Lunch Time!

20171227_124800 - Copy

Checking out the river right beside the campsite.

20171227_124845 - Copy


Like Father Like Son.

Getting ready for our 1st adventure of the trip!

As part of preparation for the next activity, Daddy Nick had to teach us how to set up the mosquito coil and holder since we had never used this before. This was a MUST to bring along coz it was very effective against the hated mossies!

20171227_102522 - Copy

We hate mossies!!!

20171227_100800 - Copy

Summer’s hair neatly tied up and all set for jungle trekking!


Fun photo with Casio Exilim Ex-FR100L before setting off.

At 2 pm, our trekking guides arrived at Murni Camp to bring us to the base of Bukit Batu Putih. The lucky few amongst the group had an exciting “roller coaster ride” on the back of the vehicle (commonly known as Pick-up truck). Many of us did not have a chance to enjoy such a ride back in Singapore!

20171227_142456 - Copy

  Jordan, Brandon, Summer and I will have our chance later!
20171227_144045 (2)
Nick, our cameraman.

Upon reaching the destination, our trekking guides gave us a short briefing about the trek and safety tips. We were on our way once the briefing ended. Surprisingly, Ocean and Summer were able to maintain the fast pace of the group. And to no surprises, I was the slowest of the pack. LOL! Luckily, my dearest was always by my side to pace me on.


We are almost there!

We took about an hour to reach the top of the hill. The view at the top was simply spectacular! Everyone was busy taking their Instagram worthy photos.



Awesome view up here!


RJ getting very comfort with the surrounding.

CIMG0186 (2)

My favorite family photo for this trip LOL


Brave kids sitting on that hanging rock!


 It feels good up here!


Keep Calm and Enjoy the View…

After a well-deserved break, we made our way downhill. The descent was so much faster! But we had to careful too as it was pretty slippery at the steep slopes.



 Mr X, the UTG’s dance instructor!


Courtney with Ocean and Isaac.

The jungle trekking adventure was definitely fun but tiring! All of us enjoyed ourselves and we headed back to camp with no mosquito bites.  On the trip back, Summer and I were managed to squeeze ourselves up the back of the Pick-up. We noticed that there were so many durian trees in this part of Perak! Yummy! The boys behind the Pick-up even tried to pluck a durian off from the tree but did not succeed. LOL.


We reached back Camp at 5 pm and it was Tea-time! I was tired and my body was in pain due to my old injury. I had my share of hot tea and donut, and headed to the shower while the rest continued with the games.

CIMG0147 - Copy

They were trying to burst the balloons tied on each other’s ankles.


 Enjoying a game of Captain’s Ball…

Our organisers took so much effort to plan for so many different games in between meal time in order to keep us busy and entertained. No one had the time to even look at their phones.

After dinner and more games, Summer and I were the first to go back to the ladies’ dorm to rest while the rest the UTGs were having their “heart to heart” session. It was finally time for our slumber land and lights out!

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Get Excited with Bakerzin’s Scrumptious New Menu!

Everyone who knows me will know that I am a sweet tooth. I couldn’t live without desserts and coffee!

Bakerzin is one of my favourite Patisserie since over 10 years ago.  I started craving for it after I had tasted the comforting Wild Forest Mushroom Soup, yummiest and freshest Signature Caesar Salad and cakes. My kids love Bakerzin too!

Recently, Bakerzin has unveiled it’s exciting New Menu, featuring delectable full course choices from tantalizing appetisers to hearty delicious main course to sweet delights. You will definitely be spoilt for choice, just like I did.

What’s the Best in the New Menu?!

You can create your own pasta with their latest DIY Pasta and Pizza concept!

My favourite DIY recipe is Arrabiata Spaghetti Coffee Pulled Pork.  The spicy taste of Arrabiata with the slightly sweet and aromatic coffee taste of Coffee Pulled Pork blended so well, yet they did not overpowered each other. Try it and you will know what I meant!

If you crave for classic taste for pasta, you can stick to the Aglio Olio Pasta with Ham, Bacon and Mushroom.

Let your imagination run wild and ‘whip’ out your very own pasta according to your cravings.

Step 1: Choose the pasta ~ Linguine, Penne or Spaghetti

Step2: Style of cooking ~

 Aglio Olio, Arrabiata, Carbonara, Homemade Cream, Laksa, Marinara or Pesto.

Step 3: Choose from the choices of the mouth-watering ingredients to make your pasta more flavorful ~

Beef Meatballs, Pork Sausage, Coffee Pulled Pork, Ham, Bacon, Mushroom, Mixed Seafood, Vegetarian or Green Garden.

Then, leave the rest to the kitchen. Just chill, chat and wait for your scrumptious meal to be served!

Another must-try on the Western menu is the Chiczella. The tantalizing chicken thigh meat baked in cornflakes and coated with melted mozzarella cheese. Served with healthy Asian cucumber salad and crispy golden fries. Wow! Already sounded so good?! Add on some Pineapples and Ham, and the taste will be even more satisfying!

I like to believe that all things have a happy sweet endings! And this is the same for my meals.  At Bakerzin, my belief are fulfilled with their impeccable selection of sweets, cakes and desserts. The desserts tasted as beautiful as they looked. Chocolate Amer, New York Cheese Cake, Strawberry shortcake, Banana Split are some of my kids’ favourites.

Well, my all-time favourite is still their Warm Chocolate Cake. Rich but not too sweet served with Bakerzin Artisan Vanilla ice-cream. Complete the whole experience with a cup of sugar-free cappuccino! Mmmmm….Heavenly!

Good News! Bakerzin opened its newest outlet at 18 Tai Seng Mall.

This cosy, yet comfortable eatery is it’s first ever outlet in an industrial area! This will make a perfect hangout place for professionals to discuss business over affordable decent meal.  A perfect place for a good coffee break with colleagues or a quick dessert to distress from work!


Potato Salad Recipe for busy mummies and their precious kids!

Potato Salad by Tris Kitchen

Recently I tried making steaks for my family and had to think of easy side dishes to go with it. I bought potatoes during my grocery shopping but did not know what I wanted to do with them. It happened that “potato salad” came to my mind just when I reached home. So, I have to make the dish with whatever I thought was suitable and available in my kitchen.

I served the steak with Potato Salad, alfalfa and strawberries for a well-balanced meal.

To my surprise, my kids love the Potato Salad as much as the steak. And every now and then, they will request to bring this Potato Salad for recess time or for lunch after school.

Potato Salad is a simple 1-dish meal. The ingredients can be adjusted according to individual preference. With a good step by step recipe, I think everyone should be able to make this salad.  There are many different recipes online but I find that some are pretty vague in the description of the preparation steps. For those of us who are new to cooking, these recipes might not be easy to understand.

I posted photos on my own version of Potato Salad recently and had quite a number of friends asking me how to cook make this salad.  So here’s my recipe!

This dish is especially suitable for those busy mummies who want to make simple home-cooked, healthy food for your kids recess or lunch.  This can be an option for you this coming week when school reopens. You can prepare the evening before and refrigerate it.

Here’s the recipe with photos as a guide:-

Ingredients (all available in NTUC Fairprice)

  •  5 to 6 medium to large potatoes
  • 3 eggs
  • Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise
  • A dash of Salt (Sea salt, Himalayan Pink salt or any type of salt available at home)
  • A dash Master foods Garlic Pepper (Optional. This is a seasoning contains garlic, black pepper and salt. I add a little as it gives more depth to the taste.)
  • A dash of Masterfoods Oregano Leaves
  • Generous amount of McCormick Italian Seasoning
  • Hormel Real Bacon Bits – 40% Less Fats (amount up to individual preference)
  • Finely chopped Spring Onion (optional. usually I don’t add since my kids don’t like it)


  • Remove the potatoes skin
  • Put potatoes in a pot of water and boil for 25mins. (Potatoes must be submerged in water)
  • At the same time, Put 3 eggs into another small pot of water and boil for 15 mins. Remove from water to cool.
  • Check the potatoes with a chopstick after 25 mins. (It should be soft enough to poke through smoothly without breaking into pieces. If it’s too hard, boil it for another 5 mins and check)
  • Remove potatoes from water to cool down.
  • Peel the eggs and put them into a big container (eg. Tupperware)
  • Mash them up using a fork

  • Add Mayo ( I personally like more mayo as it taste smoother)

  • Add in a dash of salt, a dash Master foods Garlic Pepper (Optional), a dash of black pepper (Optional), a dash of Oregano Leaves, a lot of Italian Leaves.
  • Mix well

  • Cut the potatoes into pieces into the mixture. Then mix them well using the same fork.

  • Cover the container and put into refrigerator. (It will be ready to serve in 30 – 40 mins. You can keep in the refrigerator overnight and pack it in lunch box the next morning)
  • Add the bacon bits and ready to serve.
  • Try to serve with Fruits and/or Vegetables (lettuces or alfafa etc.) for a balance and healthy diet. They can double up as decoration too.

Enjoy Cooking!

**Less salt for kids & those with health issue**



Get your hands on the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80 – The Ultimate Selfie Camera for everyone! Available from 22 Feb 2017

Get your hands on the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80

~The Ultimate Selfie Camera for everyone!~

I was really excited to be able to be part of the Media Release for the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80. This was my first time attending a Media Launch event.  Here, I had the chance to hands on and try out the amazing camera.

Selfie is still a “in” thing and definitely here to stay. Everyone want to look good in photos especially those that you wanted to post on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Casio EX-TR80 comes in 3 colours and I personally prefer the pearlie White colour.

The camera is a bolder and sleeker version of the previous model, TR70. This model also comes with new features which are going to excite you. Here are few features that “Wowed” me!

The camera offers highly customised Make-up Mode setting, in addition to the entire collection of Skin Tone pre-sets from previous TR cameras, to deliver consistently beautiful complexions. Equipped with automatic detection and adjustment functions, the EX-TR80 enhances the skin tone, producing beautiful result REGARDLESS of shooting and lighting conditions! 😀

It also automatically detects and adjusts my skin quality regardless of the amount of make-up I wear. Amazingly, it produces glowing selfies while retaining beauty naturally.. hahaha!

No editing needed.

What’s even more exciting?! The all new “Dark Circles Remover” and “Face Sculpting” features are just unbelievable!

This means that we can take selfies even without any make-up on and we will still look fresh and beautiful with more sculpted faces, without any distortion to our faces like the common touch-up apps in the market.

Something that really captured my attention during the presentation was its “Double Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights”! The selfies we took this camera reflect our skin’s natural luminance even in dim lighting while maintaining the ambience during shooting. So what does this mean?

Usually when I take a selfie with my camera or mobile phone with the flashlight, the lighting in the photo will look very harsh and the ambience lighting will be “destroyed”. My face will literally look like it is jumping out from the photo! With this new selfie camera, I don’t have to worry about lightings anymore.

I was very interested with this feature and eager to try the camera in the “Dark Room’’ set up. Why so? There were many times when I tried to take photos with my hubby in nice romantic restaurants or wefie with my friends during evening gatherings or in clubs, but the photos just don’t turn out nice, and more often than not, blurred and pixelated. Just like the one below.

(Above) Selfie taken with Batman in a restaurant using my mobile phone.  

The ambience light was nice but the photo turned out like this.

(Above) Selfie taken with my mobile phone in the “Dark Room” set-up.

We got more adventurous and wanted to test the extreme! So, we wrapped ourselves in black curtain for a selfie and wefie ! I am just bewildered with the result!!

(Above) Taken with Casio EX-TR80, wrapped in black curtain within the “Dark Room”

The photos are not just bright, they are clear, yet not harsh 😉 PLUS, My dark eye rings are really gone and my face looks more toned, without any distortion.

I am my family’s photographer and usually I don’t have a lot of full body portraits. OOTD is not in my dictionary. But with this camera, I am able to do so. It is such a free style concept camera.

The camera allows me to take good selfie any place any time any position. Even taking OOTD by myself when no one is available to help! This is a good feature to have for people who travel alone or for family welfies! I shall name this feature my “ DIY OOTD” mode.

I can hold the camera’s moveable frame in one hand to take selfie in any style I like;


Combine the stand with the selfie timer or motion shutter settings to take a full body photos hands free, in different poses that I like! With the flexibility of the adjustable frame, I can now put it on the floor, table or even hanging it on any hooks or handles to take a perfect portrait for myself and my family. Oh! and yes, a good passport photo can be taken without having to wait for someone to help.

We are not supposed to smile for passport photos. Well, I do wish that there is a “Friendly Mode” since  I look naturally fierce when I don’t smile.

Last but not least, the camera can create stunning video clips simply by holding the “Instant Movie” button to record and link multiple video clips, turning the clips into an exciting mini-movie for sharing on social media. This is the first time Make-up effects can be added to enhance the movie. So it will make me look as good in the movie as in the photo!

The Casio Exilim EX-TR80 is available Today, 22 Feb 2017, at Casio Concept Store in Tampines and licensed retailers. Retail Price S$1299.

For those couples who had run out of ideas for presents after married for so long (I am one of you),  this can be one good idea too!

Put it in your wish list or shopping list!

Check it out!